The (31st) Birthday Skirt – Draft

It’s not that hard to give away a skirt for a birthday present. The hard part comes after you’ve given it away.

I pre-washed and drafted the pattern on Wednesday, yesterday I cut it and did all the assembly I needed. The zipper is inserted, that side seam is sewn and the opposite side seam is basted. That’s it.

Rough Draft

The skirt is cut on the bias creating a diagonal effect of the the stripes. The skirt is cut in two gores, one front and one back.

As a birthday gift, the entire gift consists of the skirt, a waistband after measuring, shortening to desired length and hemming. It might also include a replaced zipper since this one puckers at an unflattering length (the right side of the picture).

I hope she likes it since I don’t know what to do with the skirt otherwise. It’s not my style. I might not have fully grasped my own personal style, but I know as much as this skirt isn’t my personal style. Let’s see Sunday.


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