Me-Made-June days 7-9

Day 6 I wore nothing me-made. I made a pair of shorts for those next lounging at home days.

Day 7
Shirt – The Indian Shirt
Skirt – The Orangery Skirt
Tank – H&M
Bag – Bijou Brigitte

First day back to work and I chose an entire me-made outfit (I don’t count the tank as I see it more as underwear). The shirt, however, doesn’t really show off its best in this picture. Can I blame the rain?

Day 8
Dress – Pretty in Pink Dress

Still warm and a dress is a simple way to keep from having to put together an outfit. This is still one of my favourite me-made dresses, I really like the silhouette.

Day 9
Top – Just Floral Top

Kind of an un-inspired outfit. I couldn’t wear the top as it is so I paired it with a cropped cardigan. An in-between day for me.


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