Next project started

Now I want to make something pretty. As I still need seperates more than dresses, I see a skirt in my future.

I’m making the Exclusive design by Laurél from BWoF 01-2009. It’s a pencil skirt design, which I’m also planning to make in denim. The fabric I’m using now is a “linen look” in pink with silver details. I really like this fabric, plus it was from the scrap bin so it was really cheap. I don’t think it’s supposed to be a clothing fabric, but after washing it I think it became soft enough.

Like Tilly, I ‘ve also somewhat stuck in my progress and need to evolve as sewer. Therefore I’m going to do a full lining for this skirt, something I’ve never done before. The fabric is so sheer that a lining is necessary, at first I thought of making a slip instead, but after reading Tilly’s post I decided to challende myself a little more.

Today was prep day. The pieces are cut and zick-zacked, the interfacing is pressed on. I haven’t begun the lining yet. This will be my first project in my second coming, it’s time to leave the plateau and aim higher in skills (not saying that all my projects will be complicated, though).


2 thoughts on “Next project started

    • Thanks! I need the challenge and learn new techniques. I really like the fabric, it’s a bit sheer, but I think it will be OK. I might make a jacket or a vest as well to make a casual summer suit.

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