Halfway into Me-Made-June

Day 10

Me-Made Sweater, Mother’s Day Sweater (not blogged)

The task of the week was to take a transportation picture so I took one in the car (not while driving). The me-made element is a very simple sweater over a GAP tank and jeans. Not the most inspiring outfit, but still good enough.

Day 11

Me-made dress, The Dissertation Party Dress

I was attending my cousin’s wedding and the dress code was semi-formal. At first I had planned on wearing a lovely RTW dress, but the day before the wedding I had a dream about this dress and decided to wear it instead. I’m glad I chose this dress, because not many opportunities arises to wear a dress like this. And imagine, my first sewing project in my sewing revival  was a silk dress with chiffon sleeves! Apparantly I was fearless back then.

Day 12

Me-made dress, Elusive Plaid dress (not yet blogged)

I chose this rather new maxi dress as my travel dress (we flew to the location of the wedding). It is so comfortable and I like the feeling of maxi dresses (even though this is my only one). What can I say, I love this dress!

Day 12

Me-made dress, The Envy dress (also un-blogged, I’m falling behind)

This dress is a simple jersey dress. The fit is not perfect, but I suspect that would be easily fixed. I bought a new backpack over the weekend and felt very school girl in it, so I took the picture at my old high school.

Day 14

Me-made top, Flouncing Sleeves top

Wearing the same pattern two days in a row, but two very different clothes. The dress from yesterday is from the same pattern. I made this top after the dress, so the fit is better on the top than the dress.

Day 15

Me-made blouse and skirt, Three-Year Blouse and Exposed Zipper skirt

I did a complete me-made outfit today. It’s an OK outfit, but there are many minor mistakes with both pieces that annoy me. One thing I do like is the lace detail around the neckline.

Halfway into me-made June I’m starting to learn what I’m missing, what I need to think of for future projects. It’s quite a learning experience!


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