Today I’m in RTW clothes

Me-made June is over and I made it! For every day of June I have worn at least one homemade item. I’m proud of myself! This was my first me-made challenge and I’ve learnt a lot.

· More solids and neutrals
While I do have a lot of me-made clothing, I don’t have many outfits. I need to make clothes in more neutral fabrics and more solids to make them easier to match. This also goes for my RTW wardrobe. Prints are fun, but they shouldn’t be in the majority since they are hard to match.

· More everyday clothes
We don’t have a very formal dress code at my office, but still I want my clothes to be appropriate, but still me. I need to incorporate those two elements into my work.

· Use better fabrics
The better quality fabrics may come more expensive, but they are easier to work with and the clothes look more polished when they are finished. At least for the clothes that will be wardrobe staples I will use high quality fabrics instead of just going by price. For more trend pieces, a simpler fabric may be used. Also natural fabrics are preferable to artificial.

· SWAPing
I need to make clothes I can wear together, make outfits rather than individual pieces of clothing. I might not make a full plan and stick with it, but the new things need to go with the old.

· More separates
Another part in building a wardrobe. Making separates will allow me to make more outfits. One dress is one outfit with only accessories changing. A top or skirt can be part of many outfits.

· Pockets

A simple point as I many times would have wished a pocket. Just big enough to hold the bus pass or the keys. If the model allows it, I might add more pockets to designs.

· Dare!
The most important thing I’ve learnt is to dare. Dare to try new techniques, dare to wear my cloths, dare to look good. Dare to be me and don’t worry what others will think.

To sum up: Make pretty clothes that coordinate and are wearable, then dare to wear them!


2 thoughts on “Today I’m in RTW clothes

  1. I can relate to most of your findings, apart from pockets – I add pockets to every piece of clothing I sew lol 🙂 and neutrals ( I seem to have too many solids and neutrals and not enough prints ). I completely agree on fabric aspect also – the better the fabric the better the outcome!

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