It’s July

June, and me-made-June, is now over and I made it through the entire month wearing at least on homemade garment each day. Yay, I’m proud of myself! I’ve really learnt a lot, my most important lessons are here, and here are my last two outfits.

Day 29

Skirt – Another Belle
RTW top

I feel this outfit is perhaps a little too casual for the office, but I had no important meetings tody. I really like the pink/white combination so I felt great in this outfit.

Dress – The Wedding (Guest) Dress
RTW Cardigan

I did an unworn dress (unworn of June) for the last day. I really like the bottom part of this dress, the bodice is nice but not very practical. It’s a boat neck and since I didn’t feel like flaunting my bra straps I wore the cardi all day. Perhaps the bottom part could be part of a Frankenpattern (I just learnt that word!), but I’m not sure I still have it. I could probably copy it off the dress, though.

Next me-made challenge will be Self-Stitched September. I’m not sure if I have enough clothes to last me the whole month, but perhaps I should get fall sewing underway!


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