Groovy Pants

As a part of challenging myself I’ve decided that my first fall 2011 project should be pants. Real pants, with a fly front and a good fit. So, for the first time ever, I sewed up a muslin of the pants I’ll be making.

I used Burdastyle’s free pattern Ellen. As I was between sizes I cut the smaller size, which was a great decision. The pants fit almost right out of the machine! I made the darts a bit wider, 1 cm per dart, so 2 cm in total, but that’s it.

I will add a fly front, but didn’t do it for the muslin, that’s why I have to hold the pants together. The pants also sit low, since a waistband will be added. The fly front will also be challenge, I’ve attempted it once before, it didn’t turn out very well. But I found a tutorial (in Swedish, but with pictures) which seems easy enough to follow.

They also fit in the back, so I hope they will once they’re made up in the real fabric, this brown twill, already in my stash. I hope they turn out well, then I’ll probably have a fall/winter staple in my wardrobe.The real pants will be full length, but it felt unneccessary to sew a full length muslin when the top was the most interesting part.

I also have some other things planned for my fall sewing, but a shopping trip is needed before I can get started. Tonight I’ll be pre-washing the twill.

As a bonus, it turns out the kid wanted in on the pictures. So a foot and his head are in my photos. Ah, well.


2 thoughts on “Groovy Pants

  1. The fit looks good to me! And even though I know it’s just a test, the fabric’s kind of fun. Might be good bum-around-the-house type things.

    And good luck with the fly front.

    1. Thanks! Perhaps I’ll finish them (and make them the same length back and front). Or if I need practice on the fly front. Otherwise I think they’ll just be another UFO, at least they’ll be a UFO that were never intended to be anything special other than a muslin.

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