A Little of This, a Little of That

I’ve kept myself busy, so here’s a quick review of what I’ve been up to.

Today I whipped up two simple toddler skirts. My two nieces’ 2nd birthdays are coming up (one is my niece, one is husbie’s), so I made them each a skirt. The fabric is a cotton stretch jersey, pistachio with small hearts. The skirt is the simplest kind of skirt; a rectangle with an elastic waist. Let’s hope they like them. I had my son model one of them (the first), mostly to check the size, but he wasn’t very keen on posing in front of the camera. He did run out to the mirror to check himself out, though.

Save for two buttons my pants, now dubbed the Chocolate Pants are finished. They will be featured in an upcoming post. Here’s just a little sneak peak. It looks like twill will be my fall staple, these pants, an almost finished skirt dubbed The Librarian skirt and the skirt I cut today are all in twill.

This little fellow has finally moved in! I won the pincushion back in April at the Sew Weekly, but it was never sent to me (despite my e-mailing the Sew Weekly three times). A few weeks ago the creator, Kalen of Minibytes, contacted me for the address. She had also contacted the Sew Weekly for my address, but without luck. Bad handling of The Sew Weekly (but I still like the blog) and very sweet of Kalen to contact me. The squirrell is already doing his job!

So, a little update of what’s going on. I started my vacation this week and will have three weeks off. My goal is to make two garments for myself. One down, at least one to go. It shouldn’t be too hard, considering the weather we’re having.


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