The Chocolate Pants

Yay, I’ve finally finished (and photographed) my very first real pants. I’m so proud of them!

As I was going through the pictures I noticed that I had a thread on my right knee. Ah, well. Also, the waistband doesn’t pull as much as it looks.

The pattern is Burdastyle’s Ellen (free!). It’s a pretty basic pant pattern and I think I might use it again as it fit me well pretty much out of the printer.

All I did for fit changes was widened each dart with 2 cm. That’s it.

For the first time I did a real fly front. It’s wasn’t as hard as I thought (I used this great tutorial). My fly is not perfect, but it’s good enough and I’m proud of it since it was my first time.

The insides of the flaps and pockets are lined with some leftover fabric from my sunhat. It added a fun detail that doesn’t ruin the professional look of the pants.

Project Summary
Burdastyle #9305, Ellen
Difficulty: Intermediate (BS’ rating) I agree.
Alterations: Widened darts. Changed position and directions of flaps and pockets. Did a real fly front in stead of the mock fly front suggested in the pattern.

Fabric: Cotton twill
Notions: 4 buttons, zipper, interfacing, thread

Project rating: My first real pants! I’m very happy with the result. The twill really provided a clean polished look when finished. The pattern is a great staple for pants, I might come back to it again. I think these pants will see a lot of wear in the upcoming fall.

Price: Fabric130 SEK (€14.72), lining 20 SEK (€2.26), interfacing + thread 5 SEK (€0.57), zipper 23 SEK (€2.60)
Total: 178 SEK (€20.15)

My review on Pattern review


4 thoughts on “The Chocolate Pants

  1. Very well done! Pants are a very challenging garment to fit and you have done a great job. I have just finished a trouser pattern myself, it took me 5 fittings to get an acceptable result 🙂

  2. Congrats! Pants ARE difficult, and fly’s are super tricky and frustrating, for me at least! I like your contrast fabric for the pocket flaps.

    1. Thanks! I’m greatful that these fit as good as they did otherwise it might have made me scared of pants for a long time to come.

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