My Namesake Skirt

In preparation for Self-Stitched September I whipped up yet another skirt. This skirt, a Burdastyle pattern, actually had my name on it. It was a quick project, not many hours to make.

The skirt has pleating details in both the front and the back and a waistband. I omitted the front button closure and did a side zipper with buttons in the waistband instead.

The zipper is ridicolously long (the bottom can be seen as it isn’t perfect) but it was all I could spare from my stash. I do have a blue zipper, but I intend to make a  denim pencil skirt, so I’d rather save the blue one for that. The other zipper was a beige visible one, so that wasn’t an alternative.

The pencil skirt was my first intention for the denim and I plan to do some topstitching on it. Therefore I bought the red thread. This skirt didn’t have a lot of potential for topstitching, but the thread leaves a few colour pops along the way.

The pleating runs along both the front and back and adds the special touch to the skirt.

Project Summary
Burdastyle Helena
Difficulty: Intermediate (BS’ rating). My version was very simple, but with the button closure I’m sure it goes up in difficulty. To make my version you need some experience just to alter the pattern. The skirt itself was very easy (if someone was to use my finished pattern).
Alterations: Did the front on the fold in stead of the button front closure. Added zipper in the side seam.

Fabric: Denim
Notions: Invisible zipper, buttons, thread (the pattern called for interfacing in the waistband, but I skipped that as the denim was sturdy enough)

Project rating: A quickie skirt, which was my aim. The alterations were made to fabric, time and notions constraints – I wanted to finish in one day. I’m very pleased with my new denim skirt!

Price: Fabric 35 SEK (€3.96, buttons + thread 5 SEK (€0.57), zipper 23 SEK (€2.60)
Total: 63 SEK (€7.13)

My Pattern Review


5 thoughts on “My Namesake Skirt

  1. Darling skirt. I need to learn how to sew. I learned how to read and now all I do is surf blogs. If I learned how to sew, I’d have way more to show for my time off. Especially on Sundays.

  2. Love your creation. Delighted to see you’re intrigued by the self-stitched September challenge. I, too, am contemplating participating in this. Not sure if I have enough. Your skirt gives me ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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