SSS11 – And so it begins

The first four days of Self-Stitched September are over. I’m actually looking forward to a little colder weather so I can wear my new skirts over tights and not having to repeat too much from Me-made June. I’ll get my wish sooner than think and then I’ll want warm weather back, I suppose.

Day 1
Self-Stitched: The Chocolate Pants

One good thing about these challenges is that you get to try the wearability of your garments. These pants held up for a hold day of work without being uncomfortable. I had some issues photographing myself as the little fellow was very interested in the camera, you can see his belly and hand to the left.

Day 2
Self-Stitched: My Namesake Skirt

When I paired this skirt with these tights I felt it was a match made in heaven. Denim is very easily paired with other colours, such as hot pink. I do fear that the skirt is a little too large in the waist though.

Day 3
Self-Stitched: A T-shirt for a Star.

Wearing the exact same clothes as in the linked blog post, but the kid which was in my belly then is now on the outside. We were going to IKEA, I just did a casual outfit. The t-shirt is wearable, but not perfect.

Day 4
Self-Stitched: The “I don’t know”-top

Heading out to barbecue with my sister in yet another so, so garment. It works but it’s not great. Wearing this makes me think that I am so much better than what this shrug says, I need to focus and study patterns and fabrics before I cut them. At least, every project is a learning project.


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