SSS11 – The days go on

Having a busy week at work and a lot of small projects at home have left me no time to catch up on my SSS posts (or any other posts). But I’ve been wearing Self-Stitched clothing. Picking up right where we left off, starting with day5.

Day 5
Self-Stitched – The Chocolate Pants

My first repeat occured on day 5 only. I was going out for the eveing and going to be outside so I wanted to wear pants. These are very comfortable and look good as well.

Day 6
Self-Stitched: Skirt Without Bow

How much do I love this skirt? Let me count the ways. Seriously, I really do love this skirt. It’s such a classic silhouette and the flounce adds a little bit of fun to what could have been a simple, stiff skirt.

Day 7

SeSelf-Stitched: Mock Wrap top

I’m on the fence regarding this top. I’m not 100% sure about the fabric and the neckline is gaping a bit. Although it is a flattering look for me and the fabric got some compliments on the SSS Flickr group. I’ll probably keep on wearing it, but I’m not sure I will ever truly love it.

Day 8
Self- Stitched – The Librarian Skirt

Another love! It’s really easy (comforting) to realise that I’m coming into my own, finding my own style the more I work on it. Each project, from pattern via fabric selection to execution is more thought trough and better reflects me. I don’t buy fabric just to have, I pick patterns based on what I think will work for me. Therefore, there is more love for my newer projects as well.

Day 9
Self Stitched –Wrap, Long Style

Another one of those dress I do not love. There are some wonks in the sewing and I can’t seem to stop noticing them. Wearing it to work gave me compliments though, especially one girl who showered me with compliments regarding the fabric, fit and style. So perhaps it’s not as bad as I seem to think and noone notices the wonks but me.

Day 10
Self- Stitched – My Namesake skirt

This skirt will most definitely be a wardrobe staple for me. I love it! It is so wearable and versatile. I’m currently working on one more denim skirt, so hopefully that’ll be an equally big success. The top is a victim of som very minor refashioning as well, I’ve removed some sequins that were sewn on the crocheted bits.


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