Self Stitched September – Halfway there!

Day 11

Self- Stitched – Envy Dress

Our plans was to attend some friends’ one year old’s birthday party. I chose comfort and this jersey dress was perfect for sitting on the floor and running in the garden chasing our own little one year old.

Day 12

Self Stitched – Chocolate Pants, Top with flouncing Sleeves

This outfit was simple and also about trying neutrals. Neutrals are great in basic garments as they are easy to mix and match.

Day 13

Self Stitched – Exposed Zipper skirt

This skirt is a great transition piece, from spring to summer and from summer to autumn. So it was perfect!

Day 14

Self Stitched – Denim pencil Skirt

The Wednesday challenge of the week was to pose with water. I chose this fountain at work. It does something with the heating/cooling as opposed to just being an ugly fountain. As for my new skirt – love!

Day 15

Self Stitched – The Chocolate Pants, A new vintage shrug.

I had lovely plans for this day – to go to the fabric store and stock up. In stead I had to work late and came home at eight in the evening, long after any fabric store had closed.

Day 16

Self Stitched – A Green, wait Black dress

This dress hasn’t seen the light of day in ages. Last time it was in season I was breast feeding and the time before that I was pregnant. It really was like “say hello to an old friend”. While I like the dress it is in polyester so it’s a bit unnatural and always either too hot or cold. Perhaps I’ll make the perfect Celestina one day.


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