A Do-Over

I have no useful fabrics at home. While there are some scraps in my pile, they are not big enough (or, to be honest, pretty enough) to make something worthwhile. Some of them will probably end up as lining for other projects. I wasn’t going to let the lack of fabric stop me in creating, so I figured I could trace the patterns while I wait for my trip to the fabric store.

The pattern I was tracing was Burdastyle’s Laura. As it is a very fitted dress I measured myself and chose size accordingly. I also found this to help me.

So I started tracing and of course I did the big pieces first. I thought the numbers seemed big for the bust measurement, but I trusted them. I guess I am quite naïve…

After a while I came across the next finished bust measurements:

Of course these figures made a whole lot more sense. These were printed on a bodice part as opposed to the others which were printed on a skirt part, these corresponded to the sizing. All i could do was replace the word bust with hip and start over with the tracing.



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