Self Stitched September Days 19-23

Day 17-18

A stomach bug hit the household and I spent time on the bathroom floor. While I wasn’t hit by it, the kiddo and husband were so while playing nurse to them I didn’t wear anything self-stitched.

Day 19

Self-Stitched – The Plaid’n’Wrap skirt

Channeling (channelling?) my inner school girl with a plaid skirt (which is exactly the comment I got at work). The school girl look was completed with a bunch of yawnings, after having spent the night on the bathroom floor.

Day 20

Self Stitched – Skirt Without Bow

I know this picture is bad. I wanted to show off the fact that the skirt twisted 180 degrees when I hurried to the bus stop. But my photography skills weren’t the best this day and then the batteries in the camera died.

Day 21

Self-Stitched – The Namesake Skirt

My two denim skirts are proving to be great wardrobe staples. I’m not much of a jeans person, but I kind of like denim.

Day 22

Self-Stitched – The Librarian Skirt

I’m posing on my knees to fit in the frame. Tired after a long month at work with many deadlines, I see the light in the end of the tunnel. Great skirt, though.

Day 23

Self-Stitched – The Italian Skirt

Dressing for days when you have two separate activities is hard. Yesterday I had work and then dinner with some friends. The self-stitched part also I added a little challenge. I felt a little overdressed at work, but at least it was Friday and I had no meetings or had to represent.


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