A Crafty Christmas?

Last year I craftedsome of my Christmas gifts, toddler aprons, purses and some (unblogged) record bowls. This year I have no ideas forthings to make myself, although I have another idea.

I have the kiddo, one I can mold into a tiny crafter. So I went to the craft store today to buy something I think he can use.

My initial idea is to buy a simple white t-shirt and see if the kiddo can draw on it. It will be a birthday gift or Father’s day gift for husbie. If it goes well (ie. the kiddo realises where to draw and it looks OK) I might buy some canvas shopping bags and let him draw on them for Christmas gifts. I think they will be well recieved.

However, first out: a t-shirt. I’m also thinking I might buy a t-shirt for the kiddo too, so they can match. I’m excited about this project!


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