Shopping for autumn/winter

Today after work I went out to the fabric store to buy things for fall and winter. When I got there I browsed the shelves, thinking “oh, they have nothing”, but somehow I managed to spend a lot of money and come home with a lot of good stuff.

Floral courdoroy

I have plans to make Burdastyle’s Laura dress. I knew I wanted a courdoroy and I had found a lovely, although expensive, small flower print. It was a little too pricey for me. This one was the same metre price, although at 140 cm wide as opposed to the other’s 105 cm, so I chose this one. I hope the print won’t be too much for a whole dress.

Brown with silver fabric

If Self-Stitched September has tought me anything is that I need tops. This fabric will be a shirt/blouse of some sort, I don’t know in what style yet. It has a little bit of stretch, so I think it will work well for a more fitted shirt or blouse.

Polkadots! And some blue too

One of my co-workers said she thought I’d look good in blue. This blue viscose is to see if she’s right. I have an idea for a blouse for this fabric, but I need a pattern. I will have to go through my stash.

Two shades of purple

The darker purple, on the right, is a viscose twill. It will become a “Little Purple Dress” (the pattern is actually called “Little Black Dress”). I want to make that pattern in a satin, but I fear I’ll have nowhere to wear it, so I’ll make a more simple version to start with. I hope I will get the opportunity to wear a more fancy version one day.

The lighter one, on the left, is a sweatshirt fabric. I will make myself a lounge sweater and some pants for the kiddo. It was found in the scrap bin (not very inspiring, today) so it was pretty cheap.

There I have my free time planned out. Now let’s start with the boring stuff; pre-washing, pressing, overlocking. Boring!


One thought on “Shopping for autumn/winter

  1. Looks like some nice finds there. I especially like the floral. And if it ends up being really busy as a whole dress, you can always break it up with a belt!

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