SSS11: The final outfits

Day 25

Self Stitched – National Day Sweater
Hand-me-down – Kiddo’s sweater
Me-made – Kiddo

Relazing day. Me and the kiddo went to see his grandpa (my dad) and we’ve just gotten home to see the kiddo’s favourite stuffed animal – Spotty the dog. This outfit kind of feels too simple to be a self-stitched outfit since the sweater was so simple to make. But I made it, so I guess it counts.

Day 26

Self Stitched – Denim Pencil Skirt and Think Pink top

Since yesterday’s outfit felt so simple to me, I did two self-stitched pieces today. The top was finished on Sunday and was a perfect addition to my wardrobe, SSS has tought me that I need more self-stitched tops.

Day 27

Self Stitched – The Chocolate Pants

Yes, these pants again. Apparantly they were exactly what I needed.

Day 28

Self Stitched – Namesake Skirt

Today’s mini-challenge was to take a night shot. I really like how my morning shot came out, especially with the colours I decided to wear. Another lesson of SSS: I really get a lot of use out of my denim skirts.

Day 29

Self Stitched – Skirt Without Bow

Yes, I need more tops. Next, please.

Day 30

Self Stitched – The Librarian Skirt

Last day, I made it through yet another month of me-made clothes. It will be nice to get a little more rotation in my wardrobe and getting to work on my missing pieces. Reflections and lessons learnt will be up during the week (I plan).


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