Lessons learnt

After one month of wearing at least one self-stitched garment each day, I look back and wonder: What have I learnt?

There is no question in mind that these challenge are a learning experience. You learn a lot about your wardrobe and your style. My specific lessons are:

More tops

I spent the majority of the time wearing self-stitched bottoms. I need more tops to match, otherwise I can never really expand my me-made wardrobe. Sure I can fill it with skirts and pants, but I want to make tops as well. Some dresses would be nice to. So, on my to-do list for fall I have one everyday dress and two blouses/shirts.

Lounge wear

I don’t have a lot of lounge wear so the days spent at home are not often in me-mades. If that matters. I have bought a sweatshirt fabric to make myself a jacket and the kiddo some pants.

Party wear

This is not necessarily a new point from Self-Stitched September, but I want to make more clothes for more fancy occasions. The only problem is that those occasions don’t come around too often, so I shouldn’t make too many. But I like to dress and I should seize the opportunities whenever I can in my me-made party wear.

As with Me-Made June, I’m sticking with making neutrals, clothes that I can match, having a plan for each project.

I can’t wait to expand my me-made wardrobe!


2 thoughts on “Lessons learnt

  1. You certainly do realize things about your wardrobe and your style that you wouldn’t otherwise, doing these challenges. Maybe I’ll have to give it another go next year, now that I’ve had another year and a half or so of adding to my wardrobe!

    • It’s a great learning experience, that’s for sure! My September was not very varied so I need to add more autumn items before giving it a new run. At least now I know what to aim for.

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