The Oasis Dress

Another dress to add to the collection. I’ve been eyeing the Laura jumper for quite a while, in fact I had it downloaded to my computer since it was for free, yes that was almost 3 years ago. I never dared to make it as it was marked intermediate and it was to be very fitted, I was worried that my skills would not be enough.

It wasn’t as hard asI expected, although I misunderstood the instructions at some points, but nothing major. It fitted right out of the printer. The instructions were not too hard, the pictures really help.

I omitted the back buttons, at first it was due to a mistake in cutting, however now I’m glad I don’t have them. With this fabric they would have gotten lost in the florals anyway, so nobody would had seen them.

I did the belt as well, I like the touch it adds, altough it almost can’t be seen. The next time I’m fabric shopping I will look for aubergine or teal courdoroy to make some belts to vary with.

For the dress I chose a printed courdoroy, I wanted a warm late autumn/winter dress. From this fabric comes the name of the dress. Courdoroy is called Manchester in Swedish and when I think of Manchester I think of Oasis. With the flowers, this dress became the Oasis dress. For lining I used a plain (but very green) cotton from IKEA, the only fabric in my stash that was useful and I wanted to sacrifice.

Project Summary
Burdastyle 6000, Laura
Difficulty: Intermediate (BS’ rating). Some tricky bits, but not as hard as I’d thought. Or perhaps I underestimate myself. I wouldn’t recommend this to a novice sewer, but to someone with more experience.
Alterations: I omitted the back slit with buttons.

Fabric: Printed courdoroy and cotton.
Notions: Invisible zipper, buttons, thread, interfacing.

Project rating: I love this dress! I like that it fit me very well just as it was, I like the look of it, the faric I found. This will probably get a lot of wear in the upcoming winter.

Price: Fabric 180 SEK (€19.64) lining 20 SEK (€2.18),  buttons 14 SEK (€1.53), zipper 23 SEK (€2.51), thread 1 SEK (€0.11)
Total: 238 SEK (€25.97)


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