Matching Cousins-jackets

The Christmas sewing goes on and on and I’ve been having a little mini sweatshop here, fixing up three jackets.

The kiddo and his two older cousins will get matching jackets. Almost, the kiddo’s has a blue zipper. Plus he has matching pants. The pattern is from Allt om handarbete (aka Ingeliese) 08-2008-106. It only goes to a size 90 cm (the kiddo’s size) so I scaled it up to 100 cm for his cousins who are nine and ten months older than he is. This is why they have different zippers, so that I easily can separate them from each other.

It’s a raglan style jacket, the sleeves is in two parts and go all the way up in the neckline. It closes with a zip and and edges have wristlet fabrics (ah, the pulling!). I love how they turned out and I hope the kids like them too. yesterday I put them on the floor to measure sizes, the kiddo took them and ran away with them. I think he likes them, but he has to wait for Christmas.

It was a fairly easy pattern, the only difficult thing was all the pulling. But I like the result!

Up next on my Christmas sewing list is another Charlie and a tunic for the remaining cousin who didn’t get a jacket.

Project summary:
: Allt om handarbete/Ingeliese 08-2008-106
Difficulty:3/5, AoHS’ rating (the pattern also included pants with pocket) – I agree somewhat. The sewing was very easy, as I mentioned above the hardest part for me was the wristlets, especially the wrists. To think I sewed 6 of them!
Alterations: None (if you don’t count that I didn’ sew the pants).

Fabric: Sweatshirt fabric (so soft!), wristlet fabric
Notions: Thread, zipper, interfacing
Price: Fabric 29  SEK (€3.19), thread 1 SEK (€0.11), zipper 22 SEK (€2.42) Wristlet fabric comes from an old project which I don’t know the price of.
Total: 52 SEK (€5.71) + whatever the wristlet fabric cost.

Project Summary: I just love the purple colour. I had planned to make myself something of the fabric, but this idea was so much better. I know the kiddo likes his, let’s just hope that the two cousins do too.


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