Yearly Summary 2011

2011 was, for me, a very productive year. The year started out with finishing UFO:s as well as stash bustin’ and ended with several Christmas projects. My breakdown, month by month.


The year started with a UFO, The Three Year Blouse. I also made a new creation, with stash fabric, The 50s Sunhat.


I finished one creation the “Not a Maddy”-blouse. Can I blame February for being the shortest month of the year?


Here’s where I got much work done. The Indian Shirt was my first successful pattern alteration followed by The Orangery Skirt, a skirt I love wearing. The Sucker for Sand-top was a definite stash bustin’ project as I only found one pattern to use for my seersucker and the top has never been worn. The Just Floral Top on the other hand is a great stash bustin’ project as it looks good and has gotten some wear. I ended the month with my Midnight Sun Top.


I continued with the theme and finished the Midnight Sun Skirt after really adjusting the fabric to fit one more skirt. I also finished the long awaited Elusive Plaid Dress.


For May I was away on vacation and planning my return to work, so not much time was spent sewing. On one of the very last days of May I sewed the, unblogged, Mother’s Day sweater.


In June I participated in my very first me-made challenge, Me-Made-June. It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I finished two garment during this month, the National Day Shorts and the Exclusive Skirt. The last garment was the first of the year with newly bought fabric.


Balancing work, the kiddo, vacation get-togethers and planning a wedding left no time for sewing.


During August I had my long vacation and the weather was not vacation-worthy, it was however very sewing-worthy. Plus I had signed up for Self-Stitched September and I needed clothes to wear. I made my Chocolate Pants, Librarian Skirt, Skirt without Bow and My namesake skirt. I was ready for September. I also sewed two Toddler Skirts for my nieces.


I participated in Self-Stitched September and had a little more trouble than during June. I finished my Denim Pencil Skirt before realizing that tops were lacking in my wardrobe, so I sewed myself an October Top and a New Vintage Shrug.


In October I made two dresses which both have become favourites. The Oasis Dress gets a lot of everyday wear. The Little Purple Dress got many compliments at Christmas and I can’t wait for another occasion to wear it.


I finished one blouse (as I need more tops), the Blouse with a Bow. After that I made the kiddo some Toddler Pants and began the Christmas sewing with a Groovy Grocery Bag.


This month was dedicated to Christmas sewing. I made the kiddo and his cousins Matching Jackets, his last cousin got a Mushroom Tunic as well as a Toddler Apron for the kiddo and one final Grocery bag.

All in all I made myself 24 garments, most of which have seen the light of day. This year I’ve focused on what I actually wear and to make matching clothes. I made 10 projects for others. So a very productive year. I hope to keep up productivity and creativity for 2012 even if I don’t expect to pull the same numbers next year.


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