The Leaf Skirt

On Thursday I got the urge to wear something new the upcoming day. So after the kiddo went to bed (around half past seven) I sat down with a project. Criminal Minds was on at nine, so that was my deadline. On Friday I wore this:

In short: I love this skirt! The cut is perfect and the fabric is lovely. I love how it looks with the thin black stockings.

The pattern is Meringue from the Colette Sewing Handbook. Due to fabric restrictions (I used scraps from another project) I omitted the scalloped hem. The pattern is a perfect basic skirt and doesn’t use a lot of fabric (not counting the scallops) so it’s perfect for scraps. The waist is a little big, hopefully someday I’ll have the inspiration to fix it.

The pattern was good in size and the instructions seemed good, I didn’t use them very much since it’s easy to construct a skirt like this. I feel like I want one skirt in every colour in this pattern, it’s so easy to sew and wear. (I rarely make tops. It’s a problem)

The waist is finished with two darts in the front and back respectively and has facings. There is an invisible zipper in the left side seam.

Project summary:
: Meringue from the Colette sewing handbook
Difficulty:Easy. It’s the first project of the book and it’s easy. Very easy if you omit the scallops.
Alterations: Omitted the scallop hem.

Fabric: Cotton sateen (lovely to work with and wear)
Notions: Thread, zipper, interfacing.
Price: Fabric 60  SEK (€6.74), zipper 23 SEK (€2.58) thread + interfacing  5 SEK (€2.58).
Total: 88 SEK (€9.88).

Project rating: Love! A skirt which was easy to sew and easy to wear. The fabric is wonderful. Sometimes a simple quick skirt is just what you need. After the wonderful drafting of this skirt, I’m eager to try out more Colette patterns.


5 thoughts on “The Leaf Skirt

  1. Hi Helena, I should’ve answered this ages ago when I first saw you’d linked me the Liebster Award in your last post. Thanks so much for the lovely things you said, you made my day 🙂
    Good job on your skirt, gorgeous fabric

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