Green Floral blouse

I finished this blouse in time for Me-Made.-May.

The pattern is the Burdasyle Sewing Handbook blouse, pretty much unaltered. The fabric is a viscose, purchased at the winter sale, so it was pretty cheap.

The blouse fits me fairly well and the size is good. I do want to try and alter the pattern, but I figured an original go would be the best for me to get to know the pattern.

In retrospect I wish the bodice was a bit longer, it’s pulling up on me. Note that I’ve paired the blouse with my Lessons Learnt Skirt, and I wore this outfit for Me-Made-May already.

Project summary: Pattern: The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook blouse Difficulty: Intermediate. It was plenty of pieces to keep track of, but the sewing was pretty easy. The instructions were clear with many pictures. Alterations: Did an elastic both in the front and back. Omitted trim. Omitted zipper, I could get the blouse over my head. Fabric: Viscose Notions: Thread,elastic, interfacing. Price: Fabric 38  SEK (€4.20),  thread + interfacing  + elastic 7  SEK (€0.77). Total: 45 SEK (€4.98).

Project rating: This blouse is not really my style, but I wanted to get to know the pattern. I think it will be used, but not on highest rotation. It was cheap, though!


1 thought on “Green Floral blouse

  1. That was my most recent project too! Except I did alter the sleeves. I also found that the side zipper was unnecessary–I put it in, but I wasn’t really thinking when I took it off after the first time I wore it, and then realized I hadn’t really needed it after all. Oh well. The blouse looks good!

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