Me-Made-May Summary

Number of outfits worn during Me-Made-May: 32
Number of complete Me-Made outfits: 18* (56%)
Number of Me-Made garments worn during May: 29
Top three most worn garments: Lessons Learnt skirt (5 wears), Namesake skirt (4 wears), Blueberry Sorbetto (3 wears)

*I’m not counting stockings or long-sleeved t-shirts here.

What have I learnt in Me-Made May 12?


I’ve learnt that an added belt makes a world of difference. I’ve been stuck in the mindset that the belt should be at the natural waist, but watching others I’ve learnt that it can go anywhere, quite preferably at the waistband. It has helped many of my garments look better on me, such as my Blueberry Sorbetto and Blouse with a Bow.


Last time around I expressed a desire for more neutrals which would be easier to match. This time I want more colours to spice things up. I need to work more on palettes and using colours that go together.


This is a point that often comes up with me. I tend to feel overdressed and I’d rather go down than feeling too out of place. But now I know that there’s a world of lovely sewists looking dashing every day and I can be one of them. I’m never overdressed in the world of sewing.

Forget what I’ve learnt
The biggest surprise was that I found that the Sorbetto actually works for me, to the degree that it ended up on the top three. I’ve listened too much to Trinny and Susannah and forgotten myself in the process. I should be inspired by the lovely sewists around the world and not feel trapped because of my body shape.

Most importantly: Have Fun!


6 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Summary

  1. I was pleasantly surprised by the Sorbetto, too. I’d kind of written it off as not flattering on me, but I was surprised when looking at the photo I’d taken that day to find that it actually worked! So I will probably be revisiting this pattern after all.

    • Me too! And now I now what modifications to do to make it even better, such as lowering the darts a bit. I guess Colette new what they were doing with this pattern.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your summary and so true that one can never be overdressed in the world of sewing… I think that’s why we like it so much 🙂

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