To Combine Lime and Truffle

A few Christmases ago I made a candy called Snowballs. It was white chocolate and lime. To be honest they were not very good and although they were not a truffle I’m hoping that my next combination of Truffle and lime will be a better project.

I was looking for a pattern for my lime satin fabric, which is a curtain pattern, but I’m using it as a fashion fabric. I wanted a structured dress for this fabric, not something with gathers or any other detailing for light flow-y fabrics. Also I didn’t want to many other details, I wanted the fabric to be shown off at its best. I settled on the Truffle Dress from The Colette Sewing Handbook, a simple, fitted, lined bodice with an A-line skirt.

Fit is key (I’m trying to learn that), but I’m still too lazy to do a muslin. Plus I had no appropriate fabrics. But since the bodice is lined I did the lining pieces first and used that as my muslin. It’s not the same drape in the fabrics, but I’m hoping it will be enough to show me where the darts fall and the length of the bodice. Another problem is that for this model the bodice and skirt are attached first and then the back and side seams are sewn, so I had to pin all the seams, but one, and that is why I’m holding the last side seam in place.

I realise that a white bodice over a white t-shirt isn’t the best way to see, but I went on fit instead. The most important thing is how it feels and to me it feels good (I don’t dare to say “very good” if the finished dress should not turn out good). The darts fall at exactly the right place and the bodice feels good. It’ll be different in my heavier fashion fabric and with the weight of the skirt, but I’m hoping the fit will be a success. I got invited to a birthday party for next weekend, it would be fun to show up in a Lime Truffle Dress!


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