Lime Truffle Dress

I did finishe my Truffle Dress and wore it to a birthday party yesterday. I love it! I definitely needed a pop of colour in my wardrobe and this dress really pops.

I used the Truffle Dress from the Colette Sewing Handbook and omitted the ruffle. At first glance, when I got the book back in December, I didn’t really care for the ruffle, but after seeing many versions with it, it grew on me. However I didn’t have enough fabric for it as my fashion fabric was a scrap bin find. Perhaps in an upcoming version.

I really love the shaping of the dress with the use of darts. It’s my first Colette dress pattern but from what I can gather Colette truly understands the shape of a woman. I did a “light muslin” using my lining fabric. It was a bit hard as the side seams are among the last to be sewn so it was hard to get the fit right. When the dress was finished it was actually too big over the bust. That has never happened before! For that reason alone I want to make nothing other than Colette patterns. (BTW, look at the unintentional (other than cutting the fabric folded) pattern matching along the center back skirt seam). I did like the unusual approach of constructing the dress (finishing the shoulder seams, pulling the dress through and then sewing the lining and shell side seams in one) even though it made it harder to fit.

The fabric is a satin from Stoff och Stil, intended as a home textile/curtain fabric, but it worked very well for a structured dress.

Project summary: Pattern: Truffle Dress from the Colette Sewing Handbook Difficulty: I would say easy. The sewing is not anything complicated and the instructions are clear and imaged. Alterations: Omitted the ruffle due to fabric restrictions.

Fabric: Satin, acetat lining. Notions: Thread, zipper. Price: Fabric 86.35  SEK (€9.77), zipper 23 SEK (€2.60), lining 17.5 SEK (€1.98), thread 1 SEK (€0.11). Total: 128 SEK (€14.48)

Project rating: I wanted a dress that popped and I got a dress that popped! I love shopping in the scrap bin, letting others decide what I will buy. At the store I didn’t realise that this was in deed a home textile, so I didn’t let that fact phase me. I love the outcome and I really want to make many more Colette patterns.

My pattern review of the Truffle dress.


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