Striped Shirt Refashion

Lately I’ve been feeling inspired by all re-fashioners over the world and I’ve been wanting to try it out myself. A few weeks ago I visited a fairly big flea market and looked specifically for clothes with refashion potential.

This was my starting point. The shirt is from Yessica at C&A and was in a size EU52. Huge, for me, but lots of material to work with.

The first thing I did was to cut off the sleeves. I need to make it more fit in the shoulders and the big sleeves won’t work with the sleek look I’m trying to achieve. Thereafter I cut off the side seams, taking off 34 cm in total. I made it fit around the chest and will work on darts for shaping. There are a few darts already in the waist, front and back, but I will need to make them wider, perhaps in combination with taking in the side seams a bit more as well. It’s a trial and error project.

I was going to use the sleeves as they are, but then I noticed that one of the sleeves is dirty (perhaps this is the reason why the shirt ended up at the flea market in the first place). I’m not a big fan of sleeveless button-down shirts (I think it accents a wider hip) so perhaps I will make the sleeves the longest I can, cutting right over the stain.

This is how far I got in my first sitting. I will work on shaping next, using the existing darts and make them wider and more structured, perhaps also take in the side seams a bit more. I also want to shorten it. I have a vision, I just don’t know if I can execute it. As I said, it’s a trial an error project, hopefully it’ll turn out well, otherwise at least I’ve learnt something.


2 thoughts on “Striped Shirt Refashion

    • I’m a bit stuck, trying to figure out how to work the darts. Their shape is great but they sit too low for me and I don’t know how to raise them. Perhaps unpick them and make new ones. Ah, still thinking.

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