My Picks of Burdastyle 04-2012

In May I went on a work trip, which included 5 hours travel time. I bought myself Burdastyle as my travelling read; it was issue 04-2012. At first glance I wasn’t very impressed with the models, but after studying the technical drawings I found more patterns that appealed to me (the styling by Burdastyle is sometimes a bit peculiar.

This blouse, #117  is almost worth the entire issue. I do worry that my version won’t be as pretty, but it is a spectacular pattern. I will make a try and will make an effort to be calm and methodical in my work.

This top, #103A, will probably be a great basic top. I like that it is shaped with darts even though it is a knit. There is also a pattern to elongate it to a dress, but I don’t think a dress like this is my thing.

The technical drawing of this blouse, # 126 A,B,C, is a bit weird but this looks great on the body. It feels like a perfect scrap project.

I need more me-made tops in my wardrobe and I liked this with the exaggerated sleeves, #115A. I wasn’t sure and after reading FehrTrade’s review I’m not sure I will even attempt it.

This is a good staying at home, working in the garden, just relaxing dress, # 112. But I’ve already made a dress like that, The Sookie Dress, so it might be for another time.

Simple skirts are my forte. I like this one with pockets (# 122) since it would be a new technique to learn. I have a piece of navy twill which is just enough for this model, I will probably make it for autumn, not quite ready for autumn/winter wear just yet.

I like this simple pant (#121) with its facing waistband, should make for easy fitting. Burda’s pants usually fit me quite well so perhaps these could be an easy project.

So, at first glance I found nothing, but in the end there were several patterns I can see myself in.


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