Polka Dot Shirtdress

This dress was finished in April and worn during Me-Made-May. One the day I wore it the weather was nice a perfect for a photo shoot (however it was windy which explains my facial expressions and hair).

The pattern is Sömnadsmagasin 08-2008-124. The fabric is a matte satin and was bought at the Stoff och Stil sale last winter. The buttons come from Bernt i Lund. The perfect match would be a more colourful belt, but since I didn’t have that this light pink would have to make do.

The front piece is divided by princess seams, which are also top stitched, the back is in one full piece. The original pattern had wrist length sleeves, I shortened them and it really lifted the dress, it was so much better!

I chose the size based on my measurements, but in retrospect I probably should have used a size smaller since the dress had a lot of ease. It’s bulky in the chest and collar. Despite this I’m happy with the dress and I got plenty of compliments at work. I also heard that polka dots are in fashion right now, but I don’t know enough about trends to verify or deny this statement.

Project Summary:
Sömnadsmagasin 08-2008-124
Difficulty: Average. The instructions were a bit tricky, but I figured it out. I haven’t sewn a collar in quite a while, so it was nice with a new challenge
Alterations: I shortened the sleeves.

Fabric: Polka dot matte satin from Stoff och Stil
Notions: Thread, interfacing, buttons
Price: Fabric 189 SEK (€20.99). Buttons 85 SEK (€9.65). Thread and interfacing 5 SEK (€0.57). Total 279 SEK (€31.66).

Project Rating: The dress is not perfect, but rather good enough. I don’t know if others see the mistakes that I see. It’s fun to wear, even if a bit bulky. I got to work on a new technique, the collar. All in all, I’m pleased.


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