Motivational Post

This is a sad post. This is a bunch of clothes I’ve made that I cannot wear since they do not fit anymore. Two of them are recently finished and they still don’t fit. Sad, sad, sad. I need to cut back on unhealthy stuff and eat smaller portions, I know it will work as it had in the past. I’m not really happy with the way I look, but I haven’t made enough of an effort. Perhaps all these pretty clothes can help me with my motivation.

The Leaf Dress is the dress from the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook in the gorgeous cotton satin that was also used for my Leaf Skirt. I can get this dress on me, but it’s so tight-fitting it’s not comfortable. It seemed OK when it was just the shell, but the lining (which is interfaced) is not as forgiving and I can’t really breathe when I’m wearing it. It is completely finished so I just need a smaller me.

The Peach skirt is a very new make, I worked on it yesterday. Once I’ve finally assembled it I could get the zipper to close, but that was it. Another un-breathable garment. The waist is supposed to be high and fitted, so it almost has a corset feel to it, not that comfortable when it’s a bit too tight. I have to finish the facings of this skirt and hem it before it’s done.

The Elusive Plaid dress is still love, but with the princess seaming and lined bodice, it is very tight over the bust.

The Little Purple Dress fits, but looks better (not to mention feels better), when the bodice to skirt seam doesn’t rise. Plus it clings in the wrong places. The Green Floral blouse has the same problem, the elastic rises too high.

I can’t fit into my Midnight Sun outfit, my October top skims the wrong places, the Orangery Skirt is a little too tight.

See how sad this is? All these great clothes, many of them favourites (plaid dress, Leaf dress, LPD, Midnight Sun Outfit) and they are hanging unworn in my wardrobe. I want to wear them again! I will definitely print this photo and use as motivation when cakes, candy and ice cream are alluring me. Hopefully I can wear some of them during the summer.

I will eat no candy, cake or ice cream before my vacation (in three weeks), perhaps with one or two exceptions. I will try to get out more and ride my indoor bike three times a week.

Until then, I’m working on an elastic waist skirt. Elastic’s forgiving, right?


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