Sewing Room Mini-Makeover

This is the current state of my sewing room, at least the desk part. Messy and disorganised, in need of a makeover. My husband did the thread holder for my birthday in November and now it’s time for some more stuff to follow and go up on the wall.

Taking a tip from the Coletterie I went to IKEA to buy the Fintorp system. I will put this rail next to the thread holder and it will hold scissors and other small thigs (haven’t quite finished my mind organisation yet). Above the thread holder and rail I will put a shelf for the mini-dresser, currently on the table, pencils, magazine and other stuff. I hope this will clear my desk and give me an even better space to work on.

So, why is it that the rail is still on floor? Yesterday when the husband went out for biking I figured I could use the time to put the rail up. I found the screws and other things needed, but failed to locate the spirit level. And since I want the rail to be completely straight I couldn’t put it up without it. Now it’s up to the husband to locate where he has put it.


2 thoughts on “Sewing Room Mini-Makeover

    • It really is. Great access to the tools and easy to put them away. Although I don’t have as many tools as Colette (yet?). My husband was amazed that I have three pairs of scissors, and I suspect that many people have many more.

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