Pink Lace Top

For long I’ve found myself lacking in me-made tops. This weekend I changed that and made myself two tops. This is the second one (and unfortunately it was too light to take the pictures outside).

This is what my outside pictures looked like. Today I paired the top with my Namesake Skirt and I like the contrast of lace and dark denim. I think I may have cut the top a little too short, but there’s not much to do about that. It didn’t have the same stretch as the other tops I’ve made with this pattern (Flouncing Sleeves top, Star T-shirt) so it’s also a bit boxy. But I still like it!

The fabric is a stretch lace which I picked up from the scrap bin in the store. It was a bit hard to figure out which way I wanted it to go, but in the end I settled for length-wise. The top was quick and easy to sew up.

The top was supposed to have facings in the neckline, but with this delicate fabric it didn’t work, so I just put Vlieseline bias tape around the neckline and stitched it down (which I, for some reason, am terrible at).

Project Summary:
Burdastyle 01-2009-106B, altered
Difficulty: Easy. It took me a little under two hours to sew this and that was only because of my difficulty with knits.
Alterations: I used another sleeve, a standard jersey sleeve.

Fabric: Stretch lace from Stoff och Stil
Notions: Thread, Vlieseline bias tape
Price: Fabric 133 SEK (€15.45). Thread and interfacing 2 SEK (€0.23). Total 135 SEK (€15.68).

Project Rating: I was in need of new tops and I quite like this one. For long I’ve been wanting to work with lace so this fit two bills. It’s easy to wear, the only drawback is that it became a little too short. But all in all, I like it!


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