Covergirl Outfit

I set out to copy the cover outfit from Burdastyle 05/2012 (left look). (BTW, why did they choose a photo where it looks like she’s trying to fix an underwear wedgie?). Here’s my version:

Can you believe that in six years of sewing I have never made a tiered maxi skirt before? While it’s not very hard it’s time-consuming (I believe there are still gathering threads to unpick, but I haven’t found them). The skirt is huge and weighs a ton, but I still like it. The hem circumference is 5.2 metres. I counted that this skirt needs 15.6 metres of gathering seams (7.8 m x2) and I’ve sewn approximately 23 metres in regular seams.

The top is really simple, I think it took me two hours to prep and sew. I lowered the neckline, I didn’t like the choking feeling from the original one (I’m not a big fan off having stuff too close around my neck). I pondered using bias tape to finish the neckline and arm holes, but I didn’t want to ruin my flow.

Now for the big question: Where do you wear an outfit like this?

Project Summary:
Burdastyle 05-2012-110A and 111
Difficulty: Easy for both. Simple sewing, the skirt is time-consuming (thumbs down for the bad instructions, for beginner patterns it is not enough to say “gather”)
Alterations: I lowered the neckline of the top.

Fabric: Poly/satin blend from Stoff och Stil
Notions: A whole bunch of thread
Price: Fabric 172 SEK (€19.96). Thread 2 SEK (€0.23). Total 174 SEK (€20.19).

Project Rating: My first maxi skirt! I haven’t decided if it’s “me” but I do feel quite elegant in this complete look. And if it’s too much as a whole, I can match the separates to something else.


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