Striped Shirt Refashion – Stuck

I haven’t been doing much sewing lately; I had one week vacation by myself with the kiddo and then we went away for a week. The fabrics I bought during the sale haven’t even been touched (except for the Satin). In June I was working on a shirt refashion, but now I’m stuck.

My problem is the darts. I love how the darts are sewn and they shape the fabric wonderfully, however they sit too low on me. I started unpicking them (hard work as each dart had four seams) but as can be seen above I’m left with small holes where the threads used to be. Even after steaming they are still there. Plus the threads were secured really well and it was hard to get them out without ripping the fabric.

My next idea is to cut the darts off and hopefully still have enough fabric lengthwise to make the shirt fit. I would probably need to take the side seams off yet again as the darts are not at the same height back and front.

Right now I’m at the point where I feel that everything I do moves me back in the process. Hopefully I’ll get a shirt out of it in the end – I have a new idea for this shirt, although I don’t know if it’s doable. Otherwise it’ll just be a tossed shirt in the learning experience pile – don’t buy shirts with darts!


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