Sewing Room Made Over

I haven’t had much inspiration lately so I haven’t sewn anything in a while. However, the mini-makeover of my sewing room is finished!

This is how my work station look. The desk is big and at the bottom right is just enough room to put away the sewing machine (the sewing amchine cover can be seen) if I want to use the full surface.

My Fintorp rail is on the wall and holds my scissors (one for fabric, one for threads and one for paper) as well as the two buckets, which carry my measuring tools; ruler and a measuring tape. Behind the rail is the thread holder that the husband made for my birthday last year.

The shelf above the thread holder and rail holds magazines, pencils, pads and the mini-drawer. The mini-drawer holds mostly notions such as buttons, ribbons, interfacing etc. I probably haven’t optimised what will go where yet.

I’m very happy with getting all of this stuff up and away from the desk, my workspace is so much more organised. I feel the sewing inspiration coming back as well, I just need to find some patterns and get going.

On a side note, I always love the first page of IKEA instructions:

I love how they assume that the first step, after gathering your tools, is that you get so confused that you need to call IKEA to clarify it.

(I rarely get confused bu IKEA instructions (I’m a Swede, it’s in my blood!), the only time was when I was trying to assemble a huge cutlery drawer with a one-year old crawling all over the place and all the pieces looked the same. The husband figured it out the next day while said one-year old was napping)


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