Pink Peplum Blouse – Not Quite Right

This spring I jumped on the trend bandwagon and sewed myself a peplum blouse. While there are thing I love about the blouse, other things are not so great and I will modify the it before wearing it in public.

I’ve Frankenpatterned two patterns to make this blouse. The bodice is BS 10-2011-129 to which I’ve added the flounce from BS 04-2010-125, the same pattern used for my Skirt Without Bow. The fabric is a pink cotton poplin with a little bit of stretch, very comfortable.

The good: I like the shaping with the pleats in the front and back, they make for a very flattering silhouette. Since the fabric has a little bit of stretch the blouse is very comfortable to wear. I like the neckline as well.

The bad: The peplum falls too high, it should fan out lower. I haven’t made the peplum parts meet so it opens up over my stomach unless I wear very high waisted bottom (of which I don’t have many). The colour + the sleeve length + the puff sleeve is a little too much and feels too much little girl.

What are my plans: This bodice was not meant to be a blouse. I will remove the peplum and add a skirt instead, probably in a colour that will keep the blouse away from too girly (I’m thinking navy blue, although it’s perhaps not summer-y enough for my liking). I will probably remove the sleeves and make it sleeveless instead.

I don’t have any fabric to make the skirt, I don’t have the inspiration to sew a summer dress right now, but I’m hoping for next summer that I can prance around in a sweetheart neckline dress and not look like a little girl.


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