Stashin’ and a New Project

In my early days of sewing I never understood the concept of building a stash. I paired a fabric with a pattern, sewed that up and then went on to the next project. But after discovering the fun finds I can make in my fabric store’s scrap bin, my stash is starting to grow bigger and bigger.

A white jersey with the print “HARD”, “ROCK” and “METAL”. What can I say, I am a rocker at heart. As with all my scrap bin finds I have no plans, but it’s very likely that this will eventually become a t-shirt.

When I took this photograph, this morning, it was a work in progress. But it was a quite simple project and I had no problems finishing it during the kiddo’s noon nap. However, the big reveal will have to wait and this will do as a teaser/sneak peek. It’s a yard of navy twill and some wide elastic.

I’m feeling really inspired right now, but unfortunately I need a thrift store. Perhaps I’ll have the time to visit one in two weeks (picking the kiddo up from pre-school is still more important than my need to thrift).


2 thoughts on “Stashin’ and a New Project

  1. Of course, then there’s the danger of TOO much stash, which is where I’m at! (And a lot of it is stuff I didn’t even buy–sometimes I get randomly given stuff.) But that rock fabric is pretty cool. So I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you do with that.

    • I’m almost there, I have plenty of fabrics that I have projects in mind for, but never gotten around to do.
      I want to make a wrap top with the fabric, but I don’t know if I have enough (1.8m/2 yards). It would probably be pretty cool.

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