At the Doctor’s

I’m envious of people who can ”whip up a simple jersey top”. Because when it comes to jersey, for me nothing is simple. For sewing jersey I always use the settings that my machine recommend. I haven’t played around with settings yet (perhaps a stupid move) but I’ve trusted my machine. It’s perfect for wovens, but when I sew jersey, the machine really has a life of its own.

While sewing jersey I have encountered many more issues than I could imagine existed. When sewing the fake overlock everything’s fine, but when sewing fastening seams the thread snaps every time I sew, it snaps quicker if I sew faster. The thread can “skip” a stitch and all of a sudden I’m sewing with double thread in the needle. When I use my twin needle it bulges in between the two seam lines (which I suspect really has to do with settings rather than anything else).

I figured, either way, that my machine is long overdue for some service (I bought it in 2007 and it haven’t been served since) and I thought I’d bring up my jersey issues. As it turns out I’ve been threading the machine wrong all these years! Also, the feeder (below the fabric) has sunken too low and the machine doesn’t feed as it should, which has worsened the issue. So, now the machine is at the doctor’s (or service) to get fixed up and hopefully I can sew a jersey top soon without endless hours of cursing. Unfortunately on Friday, when I went to the store, they had had many sewing machines come in so it can take up to two weeks before I have it back. I miss my machine!

Come back soon, better than ever!


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