Summary 2012

It’s been a while since I posted here. Does anyone still care? Anyone out there? This fall I started another blog, it feels like I’m cheating, in Swedish and I can’t decide if I want to blog in Swedish or English. I started blogging in Swedish to see if I could connect with other people in Sweden, but blogging in Swedish seems more like a chore than pleasure, while this blog is more pleasure. Perhaps the other blog will be killed as well (along with many other blogs I’ve started and ended, when will I learn that my Eitchy blog is my one true blog?).

Anyaways, to do a quick update on the fall. The machine’s back from the doctor’s, although I haven’t sewn a lot this fall. I don’t care for either buying or sewing maternity clothing and now with 3 months left, I don’t see the point. Therefore, my 2012 sewing in condensed to the first half of the year.

While pregnant I will try and figure out my personal style (as I did, with little success, the last time I was pregnant as well) so I know what to focus on later. Also, I will try and fit into all those clothes I made that don’t fit.

Onto the breakdown:

January: I started the year with my Lessons Learnt Skirt, which has since become a wardrobe staple, a success!

March: I sewed one dress during March, myPolka Dot Shirtdress. It was my first time sewing a collar and it turned out quite alright. The dress should have probably been in a smaller size, though.

April: In April I was preparing for Me-Made-May. I sewed my Leaf Skirt (ironically it ended up a bit on the larger side), which probably is my most appreciated and commented garment ever. I also sewed my Green Floral Blouse and my (unblogged) Moo Moo Tunic.

May: Another installation of Me-Made-May, which I successfully completed. During May I also completed two dresses, the Leaf Dress (sadly, too small) and the simple Sookie Dress. I also completed the Cassette T-shirt for my son’s 2nd birthday.

June: I sewed the Covergirl Outfit, consisting of a top and skirt. I also finished the Pink Lace Top.

July… I realised that very little of the clothes I had sewn actually fit, then I got pregnant and I stopped trying altogether. Perhaps now’s a good time to finished the garments in hope that they’ll fit by next summer.

September: I sewed the Megan Skirt and another unnamed, unblogged skirt. I see I have some potential posts here.

November: All that got sewn was a Christmas stocking for the kiddo.

December: I did a Christmas banner in cross-stitch. Will be blogged later.

Not the best year, not the worst year. My hope for 2013 is to finally find my personal style and sew accordingly.



2 thoughts on “Summary 2012

  1. Still around! And I can imagine that pregnancy could suck all of the energy for blogging and sewing out of you, so don’t worry about it being quieter here.

    Sounds like a decent year all around. Wishing you all the best for the New Year!

    • Hi Becky! One can never imagine just how tiresome that first trimester can be. But for now I’m filled with inspiration and can’t wait to get working on my post-pregancy wardrobe.

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