Christmas Stocking

The last day of the year and time to present the one Christmas sewing (by machine) I did this year. A Christmas stocking for the kiddo. Every Advent Sunday Santa came by and gave him a small gift, something that was typical for the season; a snowglobe, a rolling-pin (for making gingerbread cookies), a book on Christmas and clothes to wear on Christmas Eve.

Julestrumpa 001

I used this tutorial, which was easy to use since it came with a pattern as well as instructions, not too much to think about. The only thing was that I couldn’t figure out if seam allowances were included or not, but I added them and it should have been an easy fix if they weren’t.

Julestrumpa 003

All fabrics are cotton from Stoff och Stil (outer fabric, no sites for the others). The lining fabric is padded so I didn’t need to add any extra padding as required by the tutorial. I liked using the padding since it gave the stocking more body and it doesn’t just hang down. I bought some extra so I can use the same padded fabric for a new stocking in an upcoming year.

The first thing the kiddo did was to pull it on like a regular sock, it covered all of his leg. Then we hung it up in his room and Santa snuck in to give him the gifts. A quick and easy project.

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