Kick-starting 2013

Since my sewing endeavours were not so grand during the final part of 2012 I thought I’d kick-start 2013 by some New Year’s Day sewing. Well, I only got as far as tracing and cutting fabric, but my first project of 2013 is underway and it shouldn’t be too hard to finish it in the upcoming day(s).

I’m doing a simple skirt for lounging around the house. The pattern is Burdastyle 10-2011-104 which I will do in a stretch velour. The waistband is a soft pink cuff fabric (sorry, couldn’t find a good translation) which I got from butchering a me-made cardigan (I will tell you that story later, because it l8r is a story to learn from (for me)). The pockets are left-overs from the toddler skirts I made for my nieces. Perhaps not the best colour scheme, but I’ll use what I have.

So, 2013, up and running!


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