Fabric Sale Picks

It’s time for the annual winter sale in my fabric store. I’ve been visiting their web site every day in hope of finding some information and today the selected fabrics were finally up. Unfortunately, the sale doesn’t start until Sunday, I was hoping for this week when I’m not working, but no such luck. Hopefully I’ll be able to go there on Sunday, their opening hours are not generous, but we need to pick up a bed for the kiddo in a nearby store anyway. But I digress.

It seems like previous years the sale has consisted of last season’s fabrics, but this time it was a different selection. Not as good as usual, in my opinion. My picks, just based on looks since there were just a few made up fabrics among the sale samples, are:


I really like these satins, and I really can’t select which colour I prefer most, the lavender perhaps? I’m thinking that this could be a cute blouse, if the fabric is good for it (I want to feel the fabrics before buying).

I know mustard was an it colour last year (or was it 2011?) and now I’m jumping on board. My plan with these two fabrics is to make a layered skirt, The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook Skirt or Burdastyle 05-2012-119 (which I can’t find anywhere online). Perhaps if the poplin’s up to the task it’ll be a blouse too.

Last up some random selections.
Top left: a coral viscose. I need more tops and blouses, and while I like this fabric I’m not sure it’s a very versatile colour that will easily fit into my wardrobe. I’ll let the real impression decide!
Top right: camo fabric. I have no idea what texture this fabric have and I hate that I like the camo print. I don’t like to glorify war and military, but it’s just such a great contrast to something more feminine.
Bottom left: Printed viscose. This would make a great contrast to the camo fabric and a great neutral top fabric.
Bottom right: Aubergine jersey. Now that I know how to sew jersey I want to make more knit tops.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the sale selection this year, to see all check out the store’s website. Plus, it’s hard to make decisions when I have no idea of texture. But I’m hoping a fabric store trip is in my near future.


2 thoughts on “Fabric Sale Picks

  1. Thanks for the tip on the sale! I had no idea that was coming. Have to check their website right away! Thanks and good luck with the fabric shopping!

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