Sneak Peeks and a Resolution

Over the past days I’ve finished to garments, one new and one UFO hung over since September. The skirt is the new one, a stretch velour skirt perfect for lounging around the house. I still need to add an elastic in the waistband, but that’s a quick fix. The other garment is a cardigan with ruffles in a jersey. I figured it would work while pregnant as well as after, but I’m not sure about adding those ruffles to my waistline. We’ll see. I need to unpick all gathering threads and I’m debating whether to put in a hook and eye.

As I was working yesterday I also came up with my new year’s sewing resolution. Halfway through the velour skirt I realised I hadn’t changed needles, so I was sewing with a regular needle. Thus, my resolution was born (and it is quite possible that everyone else is already doing this and I’m way behind, but so be it). After each finished project I will remove all tools, including the used needle, to their proper place, put away patterns and magazines and take apart the machine for a proper lint cleaning. I think my machine will be happier as well as me.


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