Fabric Sale Shopping

I wasn’t the only one looking for fabric finds at the sale today. I came to the store 5 minutes after they opened and it was more people there than I’ve ever seen before. Here’s what I picked up:

Gul poplin och grå spets

A mustard poplin (cotton/poly blend) and grey lace. These will form one skirt, Burdastyle 05–2012-119 (picture 13), which is a pleated skirt in two layers. I have 1.1 m of the poplin as well as the lace.Creme viscose med rosetterAn adorable creme viscose with printed bows on it. It’s very light and flowy and I think I’ll revisit with Burdastyle 10-2011-129 (the bodice, meant to be a blouse with little success (so far)). I’m thinking a shorter version and sleeveless. With all the buttons down the front, it should work for nursing as well, if the dress will fit me. I bought 2.5 metres.

Syrentyg med lila tryck

Are you sitting down? I picked up this patchwork fabric (!) in lilac and purple thinking it could be a cute skirt. Is it a defense that it’s a scrap bin find and I didn’t know it was a patchwork fabric or am I just showing my ignorance to fabrics by saying so? I think it will work if I stick to darts and/or pleats, no gathers and flowyness. The scrap bin awarded me 1.5 metres.

Viscosejersey, bordeauxA viscose jersey in bordeaux. Also a scrap bin find. I haven’t got a plan yet (it’s not the most summery colour) but (relatively) cheap jersey is hard to come by, so I snagged it.  This piece was 1.47 metresLjusblå ekologisk bomullIt’s hard to see the colour, but this is a small rib knit in baby blue. I bought 2 metres with the intention of making myself a nursing top. I have found a tutorial and the pattern needed, so I’m hoping it will go as planned (meaning, I’ll get a nursing top).

Grön bomull med vita prickar

A light green cotton with polka dots, which I have intended to be a spring coat. The acetate lining in lime (a very dark lime to me) is also for this project.SybehörAnd of course I needed a bunch of notions; thread, zippers, buttons, needles. A grand total of a lot and I don’t need fabrics for quite a while now. In my imagination, I’ll be able to sew all of this up while caring for two children. I don’t know what I’m thinking.


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