Fabric Cleaning and Two Deaths

To make room for all my new fabrics I went through all my scraps. You know, when you buy according to the pattern, with a little bit extra for shrinkage, and end up with pieces too big to throw out, but too small to do anything worthwhile with. I went through all of those pieces.

I asked myself two questions:
1) Can I make something of this? (meaning is it enough for anything, including children’s wear and pillows)
2) Will I make something of this? (the harder question)

I threw out some pieces, but some I just couldn’t bear to part with. Perhaps if I’ll review my fabrics in a year’s time they will go then. There’s currently no need to throw anything out as all my fabrics are now neatly organised in my cupboard and it’s not overflowing.

I also found two FOs that just never got worn. Two vests, in fact, but they both had issues that I couldn’t resolve. I took their photos for a proper obituary here and then butchered them for buttons before sending them to the trash.

Västar 002

I made this one when I first started out sewing. There’s no lining, as I feared them, and the fabric selection is poor. The fit is off, I didn’t have any knowledge on how to fix that and now I don’t care enough about the vest to try and fix it. Västar 001The fit of this is better and look there’s a lining too! However, when cutting the lining, as part of the front pattern piece, I forgot to remove the seam allowance meaning that the lining is more narrow than the shell and the shell is bubbly. Too bad, since I fairly like the vest otherwise, but it wasn’t an expensive fabric and it would be easier to just make a new one than to take it apart and redo the lining.

Now, they’re off to the trash (so please no tips on how to salvage them). You win some, you loose some.



4 thoughts on “Fabric Cleaning and Two Deaths

  1. We all have wadders now and then–at least you were able to salvage the buttons!

    I have trouble getting rid of scraps, too. Seems a waste to throw out perfectly good fabric when there’s the slightest chance it could be useful.

    • I’m telling myself I’m resourceful, in reality I’m just cheap. But just because the garment’s bad doesn’t mean all aspects of them are 🙂

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