Reinventing My Personal Style

Three years ago, while pregnant with the kiddo, I tried to figure out my personal style and what I wanted to wear after I was done being pregnant. At that time I did a lot of reading about the subject, but I stopped at that and never put down my thoughts on paper. So, being pregnant again I will do just that. Do the reading and gather my thoughts on paper (well, blog) this time around. Perhaps I can actually figure myself out this time.

I’ve never participated, or even worked according, some of the wardrobe challenges out there, such as Sewing With a Plan, the Wardrobe Challenges at Pattern Review, Season (any season) Essential Sew-Along or the Colette Patterns Palette Challenge. It’s a great way of thinking, but so far my methodology is finding a pattern I like and matching it with a fabric I like, with little thought on how it fits into my wardrobe. Lately, at least I’ve begun thinking more about the fabric content, I want fabrics that feel nice, natural material as much as possible.

So, I will make some posts in this matter. I will use the personal style guide by Retrochick as a starting point, asking the questions “Who am I?”, “What do I like?”, “What do I have?” and “What do I need?”. Additionally I will also evaluate my Me-made wardrobe, I’m trying to create a wearability report in which I will try and figure out what I like and dislike about my me-made garments.


8 thoughts on “Reinventing My Personal Style

  1. Congrats, if I hadn’t already said it. 🙂 And I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. You’re right, it’s good to write things down!

  2. Seems like I’m constantly going through this process. I need to align my imagined wardrobe (breeze dresses, tight pencil skirts with fitted sexy blouses, cropped pants with high heels) with a workable wardrobe. Currently, I’m stuck in the jean rut. I’ve never heard of retrochick but it just might help me get there too!

  3. Congrats on really working on finding your personal style. I think those are great questions to ask yourself. Also ask yourself:
    1. Who you look towards as fashion inspiration and use this as a basis to create looks.
    2. Create style collages from magazines, pull out your favorite looks and reference while shopping or putting pieces together in your closet
    2. What is your daily life like and can your clothes match that function. Add clothes to your wardrobe that meet your lifestyle.
    3. Another tip, think of how you can wear each piece in at least three different ways. Never buy something for the sole purpose of wearing it as one outfit, mix and match.

    Good luck and have fun with it!

    for more fashion tips check out my blog

    • That last tip is actually pretty good. In the past I have been drawn to a pretty print or exciting colour, not thinking about how it will actually go with anything in my wardrobe. So that is something I will consider in the future.

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