Cassette Nursing Top

I’ve been envious of all the sewists out there who can “whip up a quick knit top in an evening”. Since my machine and its pilot didn’t quite match before I’ve always had troubles with knit. A visit to the doctor’s for the machine, including some learning by the pilot, solved that issue and now I can just keep the knit tops coming (to bad jersey is pricier than wovens).

I got this idea from Assorted Notions (I really miss her blogging!) and used her tutorial to transform a regular knit top pattern into a nursing top. I couldn’t be happier with the results! The basic pattern I used was my TNT pattern Burdastyle 01-2009-106 (which I’ve made up 4 times before this top) and then followed Christina’s instructions, with some modifications.

The tutorial opens up for a lot of personal variation and I pretty much just followed the instructions on how to cut the two bodice pieces and sew them together. I topstitched around the neckline (perhaps not a wise choice in retrospect) and added an elastic to the short bodice hem, after a RTW nursing top I own. The loose-fitted look of Christina’s top is not going to work for me. At first I planned to make the top sleeveless, but it was too floppy in the shoulder area, so I added short sleeves in the end.

The nursing feature is made up by the two bodices. The bottom bodice will get  holes in it to provide easy access and the front bodice is there to cover up the holes as well as the stomach while nursing (I will cut the holes after the baby is born so I know where to put them, for now it’s just two layered bodices). I will never stop nursing in public, but I will do my best to be discrete, however the needs of my baby always precede the wish of others not to see nursing in public.

Project summary:

Pattern: Burdastyle 01-2009-106 – altered
Alterations: Altered to be a nursing top using this tutorial from Assorted Notions. Used a regular sleeve.
Difficulty: Once I’ve overcome my knit difficulties, this is an easy top.

Fabric: Printed cotton jersey. Also used for the kiddo’s 2nd birthday shirt.
Notions: Elastic, thread

Estimated price: Fabric 80 SEK (€9.29), thread 1 SEK (€0.12). Total 81 SEK (€9.41)

Project Rating: I’m very happy with this shirt and I hope it’ll get a lot of wear in the summertime and that it will fulfill its purpose. I’m happy to have overcome my fear of knits, this being my third knit project in a row (see Sneak Peek). However now I want to take a knit break and work with wovens for a while.

It’s not fun to present  a project on the floor like this, once I wear this top “for real” I will try and take a photo to add to the blog.


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