Personal Style Project: What Do I Like?

The first part in Retrochick’s personal style guide deals with what I like. Retrochick suggested going for a walk, building a lookbook, looking at my own photos and going back to how I dressed as a teenager.

Go for a walk

Going for a virtual walk around the blogosphere for this one. I rarely spend time in the city, looking at shops and people, other than the other parents at the kiddo’s preschool.

I’m impressed with people who have a style and maintain it, such as Casey or Swedish blogger Underbara Clara (Wonderful Clara). While their styles don’t appeal to me for me, I love how they are able to keep it throughout every aspect of their lives. While my work wardrobe and leisure wardrobe conflict in some aspects (which will be dealt with in the “Who Are You?” part) I do not necessary see them as pieces from one person’s wardrobe. But I digress.

I am amazed at all sewists out there who have a functional, fun wardrobe and are easily incorporating their home sewn things into their lives. I haven’t anyone where I instinctively feel “I want their wardrobe” although Rory and Lorelai Gilmore come close, they are great at balancing work wear with leisure.

Build a lookbook

A few weeks ago, I decided to throw out old magazines. But before I did that I sat down with the magazines and a pair of scissors, cutting out all images and ads that I was drawn to, for whatever reason. I did this some time ago, so when I sat down with the pictures now I didn’t remember what I’d cut out and I could look at the pictures with a fresh eye.

In those pictures two things stood out; lace overlaying and shapes. I really do like the look of lace and I will try and incorporate it more into my wardrobe (I bought lace at the fabric sale). The other thing that stood was the shape. I want some definition somewhere; the waist, empire, belted at skirts, I do not like the whole oversize flowy thing that is in fashion right now. Many of the skirts I had cut out had a defined waist in terms of a waistband and pleating in the skirt part. My melody is definition, structure and fitted, I suppose.

Look at your own photos

I have tried to take outfit photos, but have not done it over a longer period of time. My biggest resource is my participation in the Me-Made-Months; June 11, September 11 and May 12. Looking at those pictures I feel that the outfits I like the most are those that echo my statements above. I like the occasional sleek look of a pencil skirt, but it’s not something I want to wear all the time, plus I’ve now realised that I don’t really care for the restricted feeling I get from them. As for tops I like them fitted and defined, things can’t just hang off my chest, I need to have some definition in terms of cut, a belt or tucking them in (or a combination). I like for my waist to be the most narrow part of my body (here, here and here (a favourite outfit) ). So I like outfits with fitted tops and fuller skirts to show off my hourglass figure. Some of my outfits in dress shirts and skirts also feel to dressy and stiff and that they don’t really convey me, more like a representation of a proper work outfit, not something that is me (examples here and here (still love the skirt, though)) Which is why I’m doing this project in the first place.

What did you wear as a teenager?

The idea of this point is to think back to a time when I was only dressing for myself. Unfortunately I wasn’t very secure in myself during my teenage years and I didn’t want to stand out. Pretty much every day in junior high school was spent in jeans and a t-shirt/sweater. During my later teens I dared to venture out more, in skirts and dresses, but I didn’t really care for the attention it brought. So, I don’t think revisiting my teens would be such a good idea, more than to tell myself not to worry what others think.

Has anyone read this far? May I ask a favor? Could you please look back at my Me-Made/Self-Stitched months and tell me what you think. Any outfits that stand out, in either way, an outfit that fits me, any particular colours and/or shapes you think work for me. It would be interesting to get other opinions, if you have some time to spare.


4 thoughts on “Personal Style Project: What Do I Like?

  1. Dissertation party dress, pretty in pink dress (not the sleeves), librarian skirt, mock wrap top, day 24 of MMM 12, these are the garments/outfits that I like on you. You have a great figure, but be careful to wear a good, supporting bra, otherwise your bosom can make you look heavy. You’re really right on accentuating your waist. Good luck with your style search! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your input! It’s always nice to get a second opinion. I’ve never really been 100% sure about the mock wrap top, but amny people seem to like it on me. And yes, a good bra is essential.

  2. I’ll go back and look and tell you what my faves are. 🙂 I feel like I’m getting to know my style better, but unfortunately right now very little of my wardrobe represents my style!

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