Current Issues and a Sneak Peek

I’m really in a sewing frenzy right now, but I’ve stumbled upon a few things.

Last time I was ironing I dropped my water spray bottle on the floor. Unfortunately it fell so that it broke (plus in the hurry to clean up the water (it fell near a computer) I left the iron on the curtain I was ironing and it left a small burn mark on it. I don’t know if it’s too noticeable. This also explains why we still have the Christmas curtain up in the kitchen, the rest of the year curtain wasn’t finished). And, for some reason, a water spray bottle is hard to come by. Which means I looked at “my” supermarket and found nothing. How can they not have a spray bottle at a regular supermarket?

The Purple Pleated Skirt can somewhat be seen as a trial project, before cutting into my lace for making my mustard poplin/grey lace skirt of the same pattern. The pattern calls for a front fly. However, the two fabrics of this version are to be basted together and used as a single fabric, I worry that it can be very bulky along the fly. Would it be better to do a side zipper instead for this version as well?

While I’m on the subject my next issue with the skirt is that I have never sewn with lace. The magazine suggested using a scalloped edge lace, I used regular lace which was what I could find. So now I’m confused on how to finish the edge of the lace. Does lace fray so that it’s an issue I need to deal with? How do finish the hemline? I see some Googling and learning in my near future (no need to hurry since I, at the moment, can press my newly washed fabrics).

Lastly, one issue that occupies my mind. How much sewing time will I have after our second child is born? Now the kiddo is relatively self-going and it’s easy to squeeze in some sewing here and there and while he sleeps. How will that work with a baby without any kind of routines? I guess this isn’t really an issue to worry about, it’s a que sera sera situation, I suppose.

Himmelsk amningsklänning, tjuvtitt

And last, a sneak peek of my most current creation. I’ve made yet another nursing garment, this time a dress, the Heavenly Nursing Dress. It’s the same pattern as the Cassette Nursing Top, only improved. I will present this dress better when I can wear it.


2 thoughts on “Current Issues and a Sneak Peek

  1. Oh no! I never could find an empty spray bottle. I finally had to settle on buying one that had a product that wouldn’t be so crazy to get on clothes (starch), then empty it out and rinse it (a lot) and fill it with water. It still smells like a ‘spring breeze’ though. 😉

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